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SUNTY-ECO(Qingdao) founded in 2012

Formerly known as Qingdao Green Tech Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in environmental technology development and manufacturing, from the beginning of solar energy products including solar thermal products (solar water heaters and accessories, Solar water heating system collector and accessories) to the development of solar PV application products (solar specific module components, Solar PV power system, solar ice cream dolly, solar vehicle refrigerator and freezer etc., as well as new materials (plastic materials, Sweden storage salt), doing import and export trade.


As the company continues to grow, the solar mobile ice-cream dolly became to be the hit product of SUNTY ECO, which has the national patent of some key structure, and according to different needs to develop a number of related products.

The design of the solar mobile ice cream dolly fundamentally solve the summer outdoor sale of ice cream long time refrigeration problems, products are gradually promote to Southeast Asia, South Asia Market promotion, this will greatly promote the local ice-cream or cold drink mobile market development, directly or indirectly solve local employment problems, to create employment opportunities for local unemployed people.


SUNTY-ECO is an Industrial and Trading Integrated enterprise,
R&D team and production team are from world-renowned enterprises, such as Himin Solar Group,
Haier electrical appliances group and so on.

The factory located in the Qingdao industrial Area, which is Chengyang District Galaxy Road, covers an area of 10000 square meters, with office space, sample display area, testing area, solar processing workshop etc. The NANO plastic inner tank produced, has the national patent, the unique inlay ring design, solves the plastic hidden danger at high temperature,with the features of low cost, no rust not scaling, durable, 100% recyclable and son on, is the key supplier to Himin solar, Linuo solar in China, and also such products are exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central and South America and other places of poor water quality area.


SUNTY-ECO adhering to the 'Create value for customers is our business', to satisfy the customer’s requirement is the driving force for our growth!
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Founded in 2012, Mainly engaged in environmental technology development and manufacturing